Are we heading to the Second Wave of COVID-19 in Sri Lanka?


On July 13th, Sri Lanka’s health ministry assured that we will not have a second wave of Covid-19 in Sri Lanka as it is well controlled. It was right after a bunch in cases from a drug rehabilitation center in the north-central province in the country, which had now transformed into a cluster.

However, today ( 10/5/2020), an entire area is isolated after finding a Covid-19 patient from the Divulapitiya area. It is after several weeks as all the other cases were reported from the foreign returnees. Due to the recent incident, a Police curfew has been imposed in Divulapitiya and Minuwangoda until further notice to follow up on the emergency health concerns. As the patient worked in a garment factory, around 750 is in self-quarantine once traced by the authorities. They are carrying PCR tests on all traced contacts that are currently undertaken.

Her family was sent to a government quarantine center and only her daughter tested positive for the PCR and she is also in the IDH hospital for treatments.

So is this the Second Wave of COVID-19 in Sri Lanka?

Even the health ministry assured that we are all fine with Covid-19, and it is controlled; still, there is a danger in public. What happened was that everyone forgot the Covid-19 as there were no community cases for the past few weeks. I have experienced that some people were not wearing a mask in public transport even it is advised by the health ministry.

As the Second Wave of COVID-19 in Sri Lanka will not be an easy thing, its always good to remain vigilant and follow the relevant health guidelines. As of yesterday at 8:30 PM, 3,402 patients had been confirmed in Sri Lanka, and 13 persons had died, according to the Health Ministry information center. Another 131 patients are under medical care in a few hospitals islandwide.

Are you ready for the Second Wave of COVID-19 in Sri Lanka?

This is not a time for panic buying and clears off the supermarkets. Stay at home if there is no essential reason to be out in public. Wash your hands more frequently, and always wear a proper mask. Wearing a fancy mask with no proper protection is what we need here to fight against Covid-19. Since all the schools are starting the vacations today, keep kids inside the houses. And for another week or two, avoid traveling. I know there are many hotel deals you may get around the country, yet your health is a priority. Please remain vigilant and follow the relevant health guidelines, so we will not have to face the Second Wave of COVID-19 in Sri Lanka.

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