Camping above the clouds – Peacock Hill

Have you ever been above clouds while camping? I was at Peacock Hill a few months back. It was an amazing experience climbing up to mountain and camping on the top of it. If you ever feel like camping above clouds, here we go!

How to get there??

We gathered at Gampola town with a no schedule of where to go. One friend suggested we can go to Peacock Hill and camp there since we were on the way to Nuwara Eliya AKA “Little England”. From Gampola you have to get the Kothmale bus or  Doragala bus. Since we had no idea of bus timetable to doragala, we took Kothmale bus. Right after the Kothmale Dam, You have to get down near Mahaweli Seya, the Buddhist temple.  We hired a tuk to the trail starting point since it was drizzling and we were too lazy to walk in the rain.

The starting point of the trek

Hiking to the top of Peacock Hill

Since there is a Buddhist temple on the top of the mountain, the road was decorated by Buddhist flags from the beginning. It wasn’t a hard trek, just be careful of slippery dead leaves of pinus. Within 45 mins we were at the top of the mountain and rain has stopped. There is no particular place to set the tent, but there is enough space next to the small Buddha shrine.  After the tent set up, we climbed further to the rocks and the communication tower. There is an office of Sri Lanka telecom on the top and an officer from that advised us to not to climb slippery rocks after the rain. So after having a simple meal, we rushed into our tent since it was bone freezing cold outside.

Sunrise as its best!!

Next day morning was also so cold, but we wanted to see the sunrise from the top! We enjoyed the rays coming out of the mountains and being above clouds was the best part of it. From the top, you can see a wide area of the tea plantations underneath. Also, I enjoyed posing for pictures while sitting on the rocks. Just pay attention to the slippery edges before taking a picture.


Author: Prathibha

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