Camping on the top of Peacock Hill

Peacock Hill is a mountain located in Pussellawa area in Gampola. It’s 1518m in height with a spectacular view of the surrounding area. Once I saw some Facebook posts about it and really wanted to go!

Luckily I got few friends, who are always ready for an adventure on call. So we gathered at Gampola town around 2 PM on a Saturday evening. I was coming from Colombo and friends were coming from Nuwara Eliya. There are two ways of getting to the Peacock Hill from Gampola. One is Doragola route, another one is Mawela route. Since we missed the Doragala Bus, we got a bus to Kothmale Dam and from there we got a tuk-tuk. It will be not that easy to bargain with the driver.

Within 30 minutes we started the trek across a land of pinus. Since there is a Buddhist temple on the top of the peak the road was indicated with some Buddhist flags. It was not a hard trek, but extremely slippery at some places. Less than 45 minutes you can reach the summit of the peak.

The starting point of the trail

There are some communication towers on the top of Peak, so there is an office of Sri Lanka Telecom. and also a small shrine of the temple.

It was dark with drizzling, so we immediately set the tent and stayed the night with the heavy rains. But the morning was perfect! I was shivering (it is freezing at night!), but still it was all worth to wake up in that bone freezing morning.

We woke up to the spectacular sunrise of the mountains! and tried climbing the rocks of the summit to have a better view of the underneath valleys. I’m not telling you anything else. just go through the pics to feel that moment.

Spectacular sunrise above the mountains



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