Climbing Adams-Peak in Sri Lanka is a must-do in Sri Lanka if you like hiking. It’s the most important 5th tallest mountain (2243 m)  in Sri Lanka. Its a major pilgrimage site for locals in every religion. In general, every religion believes the footprint on the top is a leader of each religion. Since Buddhists believe the footprint is lord Buddhas left foot. So its called Sri Padaya with the meaning of Foot Print of Buddha.

How to get there?

The easiest way is to get a train from Kandy or Colombo to Hatton. Hatton is the closest town to the trail we discovered with a railway station. There are 6 trails for climbing Adams peak. I have been to most of the tracks, but this is the easiest trail.

If you come to Hatton you can take a bus to Dalhousie. There are buses to the start of the trail, if not you can get a tuk-tuk from Hatton for 15$. But make sure you ask the price before getting into the tuk-tuk.

Buddhist Temple : Japanese Peace Pagoda

Check train time here!

When to go??

The season for climbing Adams-Peak is December to May. Most of the locals go during that time, so avoid long weekends and full moon poya days. Offseason is little more challenging with heavy rains from the monsoons. Start the trek during the night to reach the peak by morning to see the world famous sunrise. I prefer to start around midnight from Dellhouse to reach the summit around 5 AM.


Gear for Climbing Adams-Peak

The trek is not hard, you have to climb more than 5000 steps in the middle of the forest. Wear something comfortable and warm. Reaching the peak in the morning and walk barefoot there can freeze your bones.  There is a Buddhist temple on the peak, make sure you cover up knees and shoulders before entering the peak.

Get enough water and snacks with you. There are shops on the way, but everything is very expensive in these shops. Also get some wipes and hand sanitizers for the trek and thank me later. Public toilets are available in the trek, but cleanliness is not up to the standards.

Where to Stay?

Since the area is more touristic, you can find accommodation from homestays to Luxury hotels. If you are planning to trek daytime, you can come from Hatton. If starting the trek in the night, better to stay somewhere close to Dalhouse.

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