Diyaluma Falls Hike – Best in 2017

Waterfalls are one of the main attractions in Sri Lanka. Diyaluma waterfall is the second highest waterfall in Sri Lanka and 361st highest waterfall in the world. Imagine how it is if you climb up 171m to reach the top of a waterfall! I recently had that amazing experience with a friend climbing up to the Diyaluma falls. And surprisingly there is another waterfall named as upper Diyaluma falls. Also, Diyaluma Falls Hike was the best thing I did in 2017!

It was a Saturday when I was too bored at home, packing my clothes to move to the new Job at Yala. Since planned trips are never worked out, I called one of my travel friends to check if he can join for a quick visit to somewhere.

Luckily he was free on the weekend, so we planned to get the night mail train to go to Badulla. Diyaluma Falls Hike was just an idea if we have time to go during the day. But when it comes to a hike I always change my mind. So we got down from the Haputale Railway Station in a bone-freezing morning to visit beautiful Diyaluma.

We had a hot coffee at Haputale and packed breakfast since It was too early for us to eat. From Haputale, we got a bus to Wellawaya and informed the conductor that we wanna get down from Diyaluma. But He suggested us to get down from Poonagala and walk up to the Upper Diyaluma.

Our Diyaluma Falls Hike started from the Poonagala, a small town with few shops and a huge Bo tree that you can’t miss. From there we got a tuk-tuk to Poonagala Plantation. Tuk tuk driver was a Tamil but tried explaining us the way to go from the estate entrance. Thanks to that kind man we got our way started from the entrance of Poonagala estate.

We walked down a rubber estate and then it changed in too little footpath until we reach a flat surface on the top of that little mountain. The climb was completely downhill and drove us through the long grass yet the trail was denoted the entire way. It gave the idea that the trail wasn’t used as the trail was very congested in many parts.


We had some hard time while rushing across the long grass since those grass were sharp enough to cut our hands. No matter what we finally made it to the Upper Diyaluma Waterfall within 2 hours hike.

Upper Diyaluma Falls

Let me confess, It was the best view of a waterfall I ever had! Hidden from the world and flowing across full of greenery and the clearest water you could imagine.

After around 30 minutes we achieved the highest point of Diyaluma Falls. Here you have a progression of pools falling towards the edge of the bluff. At the point when the falls, at last, achieve the edge, they fall into one last pool before slamming 628 feet into the pool, far underneath. This is the second highest waterfall in Sri Lanka and it is difficult to get a decent look from this vantage point however in the event that you are diversion enough you can peer over the edge. And also lots of small pools that you can jump in and relax! So don’t forget to pack your swimsuits before visiting there!

The story of the fall is weird and sad wherein a woman from a poor family fallen in love with a King. They tried to elope from the village through the mountain. But only the king made it to the top. The creeper the woman was hanging onto became entangled in rocks and she plunged to her death. It is said that the tears shed by the king in his grief were collected by a deity and turned into the fall as it stands today. Even though the story is sad, the waterfall paints a beautiful landscape across the mountains.

You can sit on the top of Diyaluma and get a picture like this! But always be careful since the wind can be very tough to sweep you off from the cliff. even It was too harsh to see the bruises on my hands, Diyaluma Falls Hike was the best in 2017 for me.

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