Loves to walk next to the shore with a bit of sunshine? Let’s talk about exploring the Galle Fort then! The romantic pathway across the brick walls next to the Indian Ocean in Ramparts, southern coastal line.

Places to visit at Galle Fort

This ancient Dutch Fort was built by Dutch army in 1541 with a bold tropical backdrop of few colonial architectural buildings. This cultural artifact has been recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site. Streets of the Galle Fort with colorful clothing shops and little restaurants can make your evenings amazing under the golden rays of sunset.


End of the pathway of the Galle Fort the Sri Lanka’s first lighthouse standing in a corner. It was built back in 1848 as the main lighthouse to guide boats to Galle harbor in Southern Coast. If you walk to the other end of the fort which is the side facing the city and the International Cricket Stadium, you can visit the magnificent clock tower that catches anyone’s eye at first.

Meeran Masjid (the mosque)

And the Meeran Masjid (the mosque) is another beautiful place you can visit. It’s pretty beautiful on the inside, with colorful floor tiles and stained glass work. But sorry girls, ladies are not allowed to see this beautiful prayer room.

And a Buddhist Temple

While you walk down the street passing the brick walls, you can visit the main Buddhist temple in Galle Fort. A well maintained colonial style building of the temple is a great place to have a moment of quiet reflection away from the hustle and bustle of Galle.

The Dutch Reformed Church

This church built by the Dutch in 1755 and is tiled with gravestones from the Old Dutch cemetery. The church garden itself is attractive and poignant, with lavish grass in the center edged wall to wall by stone tablets.

Anglican church in Fort

Next is the main Anglican church in Galle Fort. Lovely exterior which opens up to a wonderful interior of this church definitely exudes a sense of peace and serenity.

Shops at Galle Fort

Along with the picturesque souvenir shops along the streets and little coffee shops in a corner of the street. Galle Fort has so much more beautiful places to hide out while giving you the Instagram-view sceneries all around.

Enjoy  the sunset from the top

Galle Fort is a perfect location for everyone love the sunsets. You can walk the day around the fort and sit on the edge of the fort to see the perfect sunset.

Best time to visit Galle

Galle Fort can be an absolute beauty if you visit a day with no rain. Just avoid monsoons from May to September and in April during intermonsoon.

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