Before I start my series on my experience at Dambulla, I want to write about Hotel Sannasa that was our blissful base during our stay in Dambulla, Sri Lanka.

First Impression of Hotel Sannasa

As soon as we checked in,  we were welcomed with a ‘healthy’ drink. Yes, I was clueless to have that drink with two different colors.  It was made with fresh Mangoes and Avacado! Since there isn’t any added sugar for the juices at this hotel, don’t expect this to be like a normal shake though, there is, however, a decent amount of sweetness, all of which comes from the fresh fruits.

Dining at Hotel Sannasa

We began our food experience at Hotel Sannasa with a delightfully tasty dishes with a burst of summery colors, a Traditional Sri Lankan Lunch. Lunch was served in a Kamatha next to a beautiful pond of white water lilies. I’ve never been anywhere where I’ve felt so connected with nature.! The breathtaking views of the paddy fields and mountains beyond so vast and alive.

Curry dishes include fresh seasonal vegetables such as mango, manioc, dhal, beans and fried potatoes with quite mild spice levels as well as a Fish curry. That was the first time I had such a delicious Mango curry in my life.  All the food was served in traditional plates made with Pan Watti. And a delicious Jackfruit was served us as the dessert

Lunch of Hotel Sannasa

Spacious Rooms are the best!

We spent the whole evening in our comfortable room watching TV. Rooms of the Hotel Sannasa are well equipped with comfortable beds, flat screen TV and attached bathroom with hot water. And those rooms are very spacious!

The restaurant is stunning in the evening, with dozens of oil lamps glowing amidst the darkness of the night. We had our dinner at the outside restaurant of Hotel Sannasa. The food, sharing plates of modern-European with Asian influences, were all inspired. Rice and traditional curries were nicely served with fruit bowls as dessert.

Where you feel connected to nature!

Next day I woke up as the morning light dances through the trees and beams through the window, my skin feels energized and more alive than it’s been in a long time. I began to adjust to the forest’s chattering silence, the chorus fluctuating each hour of the day. There is an unexplainable kind of magic at the Hotel Sannasa, one which can only be agreed when experienced and felt.

I’ll talk more about food, I am IMPRESSED!

Breakfast! It was the best part of my stay at Hotel Sannasa.  What sets them apart from the rest of the list is that they’re sticking to their traditional food theme, so you’ll see classic breakfast dishes with traditional milk rice with chili paste. Besides this, they’ve got a bunch of other breakfast specials like Rotty, Pittu and Grams.

Too much food to eat! I know We Sri Lankan eat a lot, and that’s how you get bigger portions in Sri Lanka! If you’re staying at the hotel or just in Dambulla, you should definitely try the food at Hotel Sannasa. Because there aren’t many places in Sri Lanka which offer such authentic dishes.

Dinner at Sannasa Hotel
Dinner Dishes!

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Picture credits: Vimukthi Embuldeniya

Big thanks to Hotel Sannasa for hosting us. As always all opinions are my own.

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