It was a much busy week for me right before Christmas, instead of going party somewhere I packed stuff and came to Rakwana. I have my best friends parents living there, but I wanted to relax somewhere else close to nature. So I found this Gem, Kurulu Estate in Rakwana.

Kurulu Estate Location, Near Rakwana and Godakawela.

Kurulu estate is located in the middle of a tea estate in Godakawela area. There are two access roads to kurulu estate. One is from Rakwana and another one is from Godakawela.  Since it is located in the middle of woods, better contact them and get their vehicle to pick you from Godakawela town.

Kurulu estate has long paths to walk into the woods!

The Accommodation, Rooms and Facilities at Kurulu Estate

Kurulu estate has 3 bungalows to stay. where I stayed was the best place in the property. It is called Kanda house which is only built with granite found in the property itself. The land is surrounded by tea estates and cinnamon gardens.  Also, it is very close to the world famous Sinharaja Rainforest.

The view from my room

My room was so spacious! In kurulu estate, you get a king size beds with comfortable bedding. And I loved their bathroom! It is so huge and you have all the toiletries and hot water as well.

Most spacious room in the Kurulu Estate
And the spacious bathroom in the main bungalow of Kurulu Estate

I got a view of Sri pada from my room far away among other mountains and valleys. Guess what, they have their own rainforest to trekking. You get to see similar flora and fauna in Sinharaja rainforest here in their private forest. It is being a great place for the bird watchers!

You can go for walks in the property and see the tea plantations and their organic vegetable farm. I was hosted by Prof William, founder of kurulu estate. You can also request yoga lessons or Abhidharma classes from him in the property. Since it is a very quiet place to relax, it is also an ideal place for yoga. They have secret places hidden in the garden where you can do meditate.

Secret paths into the woods

Kurulu Estate Food Experience

Food in kurulu was a highlight in my trip. They serve all organic vegetarian food in a Sri Lankan way! Lunch was so colorful and tasty! They grow vegetables in the property which are all organic and fresh.

My colorful Lunch!
They serve only vegan food!

For breakfast, there were many options such as kurakkan rotty, string hoppers and more curries. It is must to mention their tea! They make Tea at the property, all handmade fresh tea straight out the estate. They call it “KURULU TEA”, which has a very strong aroma than what we get from the markets. You can even walk to the estate and help them pluck tea if you are interested.

Kurakkan rotti for breakfast!
More breakfast pictures
Kurulu Tea!
The little restaurant on the hilltop, with my amazing host!

Why Choose Kurulu Estate, Rakwana?

I couldn’t thank enough for the amazing hospitality given by the prof William Kent. Trust me, himself is a destination! I  had long conversations with him about literally everything. He is happy to teach you yoga and meditation as well. He can make you a better person when you leave the property after your stay. You are hosted by an amazing human being who loves nature, Yoga and dhamma. Also got long interesting stories to tell you from the travels around the world. So why not staying in this beautiful place where you get only positive vibes?

The mastermind behind everything!

How to Contact Kurulu Estate

You can easily find them on facebook if you require more information. Or else visit the site to see rates and package details. You will never regret spending time on this amazing place!

Main bungalow “Kanda house”

Big thanks to Kurulu Estate for hosting me. As always all opinions are my own.

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