Safari Diaries from the Sri Lankan Wilderness!

Hi, I am back with another new series of blog posts where I write about my experiences as a Safari Game Ranger in Sri Lanka. It is been around two years once I left my corporate job to be in the wild. Every day is an adventure in the bush, so I hope Safari Diaries will give you some interesting facts about Sri Lankan wildlife and answers to your all eco tourism-related questions.

So here is a picture of a sloth bear on a Palu ( Manilkara hexandra ) tree in Wilpattu National Park. It was nicely sleeping on the tree having a good meal of berries of Palu in the late evening. We stopped next to this big male bear and had a great sighting of him yawning and trying to get comfortable on the tree. After spending more than 20 minutes trying to get a comfortable posture to sleep, it decided to get down and walk away through the bushes.

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Sri Lankan Sloth Bear in Wilpattu National Park


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