Snakes!! Yeah, I got to love them!! After joining the Sri Lanka young biologists Association, I rapidly grew up as an animal lover. In every year nearly a huge amount of innocent serpents killed by humans, since they are unable to recognize venomous or non-venomous. As an Asian country, it’s believed that Ayurveda medicine is more effective on snake bites. During one weekend, I got to know about an Ayurveda Doctor who is specialized in snake bites. They call it as Snake Farm in Telijjawila.

I immediately got into a bus that runs to Matara, the southern area of the island to meet this wonderful human. The place is known as the Snake farm of Matara if you check Trip Advisor. But personally, I feel it’s more like a rescue center than a farm.

On the off chance that you have an enthusiasm for finding out about a portion of the crawling creatures that are found in the biological communities of Sri Lanka, a visit to this snake farm will give you an astute herpetology visit in this piece of the Southern area that is certain to astound and excite you!

A small room built with cages is being home for several serpents, being rescued by this wonderful human.

First, he showed up with a huge Snake also known as Spectacle cobra (Naja naja). Few other cages were filled with a python (Python molurus), green vine snake (Ahaetulla nasuta ) and a beautiful little one called as flying snake. He took all of them in hand, no one tried anything harmful, just posed for my camera with a majestic look.

I had them in my hands as well; trust me, they are not disgusting sticky animals you imagine. They have a dry but soft skin which looks so wet. Those posers hugged my hand for few selfies as well. (My mom used to hate those snake selfies later!)

This wonderful man is doing a great job by treating people, rescuing animals and educating the visitors as well. He speaks good English and will tell you everything that he knows about snakes.

Entrance fee for adults is around 800 LKR and 450LKR for kids. Trust me, it totally worth for the fee. The best way to get there is come to Weligama and get the Akuressa bus or a tuk-tuk. Locals know the place very well so it’s not too hard to find the place.

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