While lying on a rock bed in the middle of a thick tropical forest in Sri Lanka, I gaze toward the sky through the darkness. The air feels warm as it brushes against my cheeks. I take a sip of coffee and settle into a warm sheet. It’s 9 pm, I’m in a camping site in the thick forest, on the base of a mountain, sitting above beautiful sceneries of Knuckles Mountain Range at Meemure, Sri Lanka. It feels great!

Meemure is also known as one of the most beautiful places in Sri Lanka. We started this journey from Colombo by train to Kandy. From there a bus to Hunnasgiriya and from Hunnasgiriya a Tuk will help to reach Meemure.  It was a hectic Tuk ride on a slippery road for two hours which made us vomit.

After staying one night at a homestay of Meemure, we decided to climb Lakegala. It is 1310m high and located on the border of Meemure. Next day, after walking more than three kilometers finally we reached the base of the mountain. After keeping our heavy bags on the campsite, we started the hike to the summit of this giant mountain. It is a dream of every hiker in Sri Lanka to reach the summit of Lakegala.

The route we took was the hardest route to reach the summit with heavy winds. Also with a rain, we were discouraged to reach the summit. after trekking halfway to the summit and we turned back to the base. But still, we enjoyed the spectacular view of the Knuckles Mountain Range and Paddy field of Meemure underneath.

The base of the mountain was a safe place to camping with a water stream next to the large rock where we spent night gazing the stars. We cooked dinner, set the tent and laid on the cold rock next to each other humming old songs while watching star showers.

The night sky appeared like an entirely another world. The world that is so dazzling and immersing, you never know the targets that you can go to. It is a dreamlike world out there. The more you look at the sky and the stars, the more mystical it seems to become. It made me realize how small my problems were.

That night I fell asleep with a smile on my face, not thinking, not caring, about what the next day would bring.

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