Top 10 Hiking Trails in Sri Lanka

For an adventurous hiker, there are plenty of chances anticipating in Sri Lanka ‘s different and delicious Hill country. The lovely range of Mountains situated in the Hill Country of Sri Lanka gives a brilliant base from which to experiment with a wide assortment of climbing and trekking visits through the wilderness, crosswise over paddy fields and up mountains. Here are the top 10 of them!!

  1. Ella Rock Climbing

Ella Rock is a place which is attractive place Posing panoramic sights of the Ella Gap and Little Adam’s Peak, one of the must-sees in Ella.  After a tiring trek over lavish green tea plantations, waterfalls and paddy fields while relishing the sceneries, you can reach the peak.  The hike is a strenuous upward climb and the rock sits right at the edge, but it’s quite relaxed and large so you can give out and adore the amazing view after a tiring yet incredible hiking experience.

  1. Knuckles

The Knuckles Mountain Range located between two districts of Matale and Kandy, in central Sri Lanka. As the entire area is dressed in heavy coatings of cloud, in Sinhalese it’s called as “Dumbara” which means mountain in the mist. The Several Trekking paths are there for observing nature and for an incredible hiking experience. Continuing the trail to a summit point across pines area leads to the stone steps to climb up.  This place grants an amazing sight of the Knuckles Range and several of its valleys beneath.

  1. Meemure

Meemure owns an exceptional beauty of nature with Lakegala Mountain and rich with traditional Sri Lankan styles. It is located at the border of Kandy district and Matale district. Known as one of the utmost secluded villages in Sri Lanka with a population of 400. The only way to enter this village is the Loolwatte trail of 14 km with an incredible hiking experience. It’s Possible to do camping at campsites at Meemure. You can enjoy several water games inside the forest.


  1. Namunukula

Namunukula is a mountain range, which is located in Badulla district with beautiful 9 peaks. The trail is starting from the village across the tea plantations. Hiking up to these mountains is an amazing experience for nature lovers to enjoy the scenic view of the misty mountains and waterfalls. In rainy days you can enjoy the view of clouds passing your feet underneath the mountains with a glaze. Spectacular sunshine also can be enjoyed over the mountains covered with mist.

  1. Great Western

Great Western is the sixth highest mountain in Sri Lanka located at Hill country close to Nuwaraeliya. The only access to the Great Western is by a train. The trail starts from the Great Western railway station and after a strenuous hike, you can reach the summit of the Great Western. You can enjoy the spectacular view underneath the waterfall towards the southern plains. Since the trails are not clear on this mountain, it’s always advised to get a local guide from the village. A camping site is also available on the top of the mountain.

  1. Chariot Path

The trail to chariot path is starting from a small village of Pussellawa called ‘Frotoft’. It’s believed that the bleak land here was the path where King Ravana took Seetha to show the beauty of his gardens. The trail to the top of the chariot path starts from Frotoft and run through the border of Delta estate. After a few kilometers to up, you can reach the bleak land only covered with grass across the shrubbery in the land. Summit of the chariot path is bare grassland with some unusual vegetation which totally differs from the vegetation of the area.

  1. Adams Peak

Hiking to the peak of the 2243m mountain is an incredible hike through the beautiful green canopy. There are several routes to climb up from different starting points around the mountain. To reach the top of the peak, normally it takes six to eight hours and five to seven hours. Leeches are a certain threat on this trail. After having a long tiring hike the best reward you are getting is the amazingly beautiful view from the summit. If it is a clear day with fewer clouds in the sky, Colombo town is also visible to the peak.

  1. Devils Staircase

The trail through the Devils Staircase is one of great hiking and jeep tracks in the mountains of Sri Lanka. The trail is starting from Bamabarakanda and endpoint is Ohiya. The exertion levels and the enormous sight of the misty mountains of Sri Lanka have made this route of a paradise for extreme hikers. Passing this will lead to cross a beautiful stream which is making Bamabarakanda falls which are the highest waterfall in Sri Lanka.

  1. Hanthana

Hanthana mountain range situated in Kandy above 3800 feet from sea level. There are several trekking routes to the peak. Mountain range contains seven mountain peaks as it called Hanthana for those seven peaks. The highest peak of the range is called as “Uura Kanda “Hiking and abseiling is possible in few peaks through high grassland. The whole area of Kandy town and misty mountains are also visible to peaks on a clear day.

  1. Riverston

Amazingly beautiful grassland and a pigmy forest around robe of mist situated at Malate few kilometers away from town. Ideal for hikers and who love camping on a calm hilltop which gives you a breathtaking view from the top. Few easy trekking trails are available to “Pitawala Pathana” which is a green grassland with a huge rock on the top where you can sit and enjoy the panoramic view of other misty mountain and valleys around.


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