Being a female and traveling is not that easy. So here is the list of essentials in Sri Lanka that you have to pack in your bag!

  1. Tampons / Sanitary Napkins / Menstrual Cups

Its bit hard to find tampons in Sri Lanka other than main cities, if you are not familiar with Sanitary Napkins make sure you have your tampons in the bag. Also, even you are using sanitary napkins you may not feel very comfortable with the Sri Lankan thick Sanitary Napkins. Just to avoid bad luck with your periods, be prepared and pack your bag with your favorite brand of Sanitary Napkins.

       2. Your Favourite Sun Block

Sri Lanka is too hot! Better to get your favorite sunblock if you don’t want to get burned your self. You can obviously buy these in Sri Lanka.  But can be more expensive than your home and not more options to select.

       3. Mosquito / Insect Repellent

These are also essentials to this warm country. You can experience most of the mosquito bites around the cities and insects in the rural areas. So better to be prepared with the repellents than to ruin your holidays with bug bites.

         4. Dry Shampoo

You can be very sweaty all day here in Sri Lanka. So you will never have a good hair day here unless you have packed your dry shampoo. Its bit hard to find dry shampoo in local shops, buy it from your home and pack!

         5. Hand sanitizers

I am ashamed of the situation of the public bathrooms in my country sometimes. Make sure you pack enough hand sanitizers before starting your holidays.

        6. Wet Wipes / Baby Wipes

We, Sri Lankans, wash our butts! So don’t forget to pack some wipes if you are traveling out of main cities. You may not be able to find wipes or tissues in public bathrooms in rural areas.

       7. A long dress or a Sarong

Covering your shoulders and knees is a must if you are going to a sacred place. Once I was hiking Pidurangala and had to buy a sarong from the entrance since I had to go through a Buddhist temple. So be prepared for that.

It is safe for a female to travel solo in my country. Just pack your essentials in Sri Lanka to explore the country. Learn more here >>> How to Travel Safe in Sri Lanka

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