Ella – A Dream Destination of Every Backpacker in Sri Lanka

Ella is known as a paradise for the hikers which is located at Badulla District, Sri Lanka.

Months back it was a dream destination for me after seeing some wonderful photographs in Facebook. I started hiking with my friends from two or three years ago, But sadly I have missed this dreamy destination. So after work on a busy Friday evening, I and few other friends started our journey to Ella by train from the Fort railway station. Train ride to Ella from Colombo is one of the most magical train ride you can ever had in Sri Lanka. But since we were having the night mail ride, we have missed that magical ride.

It was Saturday morning while we reach Ella station in a bone freezing cold weather. Our first destination was Ella rock where we had to walk down the railway tracks to reach the starting point of the trek.

Ella Rock is a place which is attractive place Posing panoramic sights of the Ella Gap and Little Adam’s Peak, one of the must-sees in Ella.  After a tiring trek over lavish green tea plantations, waterfalls and paddy fields while relishing the sceneries, you can reach the peak.  The hike is a strenuous upward climb and the rock sits right at the edge, but it’s quite relaxed and large so you can give out and adore the amazing view after a tiring yet incredible hiking experience.

After the hike we had to walk back along the railway tracks to visit an awesome architectural masterpiece of Railway history in Sri Lanka.

This iconic Nine Arches Bridge is made completely of stone — as in, there’s no steel involved at all. It’s also called as Nine Skies Bridge, so if you go under this pretty bridge, you can see the sky through nine arches.

Since there is no point of staying on an edge of the bridge to watch out the train, we climbed to the hill on the right side for to get the best view. Honestly that was so cool how train come towards the bridge passing the tunnel.

Tip : You must be there on the bride at the right time to catch this beautiful scene.

Even though we were so tired after walking along the tracks, we all wanted to visit Rawana Ella falls before coming back to Colombo. After having  a fresh juice from a shop next to bridge we took the foot path to the town to get a bus. Ella town is a small town with so much of local food shops and restaurants. from the town you can easily get a bus to reach this magnificent waterfall with a clear basin on the bottom.

Rawana Ella falls is 25m in height and known as one of the widest falls in the country.  Shallow basin in the bottom of the waterfall gives you an experience of a natural pool with crystal clear water. But it is highly recommended to avoid climbing up to the waterfall on slippery rocks.

However end of the day we were refreshed after having a bath, walked to the restaurant next to waterfall to get our tummies full and got bus to the station to get the train.

I honestly felt so lucky to born in Such a beautiful country after visiting this piece of heaven on Earth!

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  1. Seriously, I am getting so excited! I’m going to Ella! I heard it was cold. I’ll pack a jumper : )

    1. Yeah! Mornings in Ella are super cold!

  2. Now that I have read your article, I have to go here! Hope to get there this year!
    Thanks for all the info!

    1. Great!! Always welcome to Sri Lanka. 🙂 Happy Travelling!

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