Diyaluma waterfall is known as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Sri Lanka. Also, it is the second highest waterfall here. Have you ever thought of getting to the top of a waterfall?


Since we were traveling from Colombo, what we did was taking the night mail train to Badulla. Get down from Haputhale and get a bus to Wellawaya to reach Koslanda. From Koslanda, get a tuk-tuk or the bus to Poonagala Estate.


The trail started from the gate of Poonagala estate. It was a small road going to the mountain in a grassland. And full of mimosa plants bothered me all the way since I was wearing a short. Be careful to wear covered cloth when visiting Diyaluma! After a 45 minutes hike, we reached the top of the mountain. I was so surprised to see Elephant Dung there! Once you reach the top, you will find a trail to get into the other side of the mountain. Start from there, walk down and you will hear the sound of water splashing to the rocks.


That sound is coming from the upper Diyaluma waterfall, one of the most beautiful waterfalls I have ever seen in Sri Lanka. Seven cascades of clear water breaking down to the rocks making a pool at the bottom. We had no idea how deep that pool was, So we continued to reach the top of Diyaluma waterfall.

Beautiful Upper Diyaluma waterfall

Top of the Diyaluma is the place that we actually came from. View of the luscious vegetation from the top was absolutely worth a hike. The water level was a bit high in the pools of the top. So we had to walk back to another shallow pool in the upper part.

It was such a wonderful memory for us to hike and swim  on the top of a waterfall. So I highly recommend doing Diyaluma hike if you are up to adventures.

View from the top of Diyaluma Waterfall

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