Have you ever seen a leopard in the wild? If you are planning to see these amazing creatures, Yala National Park is the best place in the world for that. Yala national park has the highest population of leopards in the world!

How to get there??

Yala National Park is located 260km away from Colombo. The easiest way is getting into the southern express highway to Matara and then taking a bus to Kataragama or Thissamaharama. There are several entrances to Yala National Park for each block. Palatupana is the easiest one to reach from Colombo, once you get down from Thissamaharama town.

What to do??

everyone come to see leopards and other wildlife here. yes what else you can do other than Safaris?? Few lodges and hotels such as Uga – Chena Huts may provide you bush walks around the buffer zone of the national park. But other than that you are not allowed to walk inside the national park.

What Animals You can see??

Birds, Mammals and also reptiles such as crocodiles and lizards. Big three in Yala is Leopards, Elephants and sloth bears. But anyway you can see a huge number of birds since Yala National Park is home for more than 215 species. apart from that everyone’s dream in the Yala National Park is seeing leopards! Imagine you are being a superstar and you don’t know that. Best time to see leopards is dawn and dusk when leopards are much active. Also, don’t forget to see some gentle giants wandering across the bushes and say hello waving the trunks.

What you shouldn’t do??

  • Taking guns, cigarettes and alcohol are strictly prohibited in the park, this can lead you to land in jail.
  • Do NOT feed wild animals.
  • Most importantly, Do NOT litter. Make sure you don’t leave your snack wrappings or empty water bottles inside the park.
  • Do NOT take anything from the park, including feathers and stones!
  • Do NOT get close to the animals, including elephants and leopards. and also don’t use flash when taking pictures in the wild.

Finally, Nature is unpredictable. So keep your fingers crossed to see leopards in the wild. Mostly the safari drivers know how to track animals.  For more details or to organize your trip to Yala National Park, follow this. They have well experienced and talented drivers for a safe Game Drive in Yala National Park.

Happy safari Everyone! 🙂

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