Are you looking for a relaxing time away from the city limits in Kandy? If so you must visit this small luxury bungalow, Sri Kandyan Bungalow located in the base of Hanthana Hills. After spending a very tiring day at Kandy, we wanted to spend the night somewhere very peaceful. Even its just for less than 24 hours, I wanted a place which is very calm.

Welcome to Sri Kandyan Bungalow

How to get there

We were at Kandy, from there its easy to get a tuk which will cost 500LKR to reach Sri Kandyan Bungalow. If not get a bus which goes through Heeressagala and gets down from the Heerassagala Road. From the railway crossing, its 200LKR to the property. If you are coming from your own vehicle, just follow the signboards in the road.

The Accommodation, Rooms and Facilities at Sri Kandyan Bungalow

Sri Kandyan Bungalow has several options in Accommodation. We stayed in a double room with a comfortable bed. It has air con and TV with satellite facilities. You get a common area to relax and a small dining area as well. In case if you have a large pack traveling together, you can also book the entire bungalow which can accommodate 15 adults.

Our stylish bathroom was nice and clean. They provide toiletries as well.

Our comfortable room at Sri Kandyan Bungalow
Stylish bathroom at Sri Kandyan Bungalow

The common area reflex the traditional cultural wooden masks in the Kandyan era. Since this hotel is a family hotel, its completely smoking free. Outside the hotel, you can smoke in the designated area next to the pool.

Wooden statues in the common area
Traditional reedware handicrafts in the common area
View of Hanthana Hills from the common area

The tiny outdoor pool of Sri Kandyan Bungalow was facing the Hanthana hills. So you get to relax by the pool and watch the sunset over the hills. Next to the pool, there is a BBQ area which you can request prior the booking.

View of Hanthana Hills from the pool area
The outdoor pool of Sri Kandyan Bungalow facing Hanthana Hills

Food and Service of Sri Kandyan Bungalow

In Sri Kandyan Bungalow, they serve delicious meals on your request on a fee. But, you get unlimited tea or coffee here with the great service in 24 hours. Mr. Lawrence and his wife taking their job seriously and treating guests well. We had only a night there, but I wish we could stay longer in this great place with a very calm environment and with their great hospitality for sure.

Relaxing area with hammocks facing Hanthana Hills
View from the hammocks facing Hanthana Hills

Other services offered at Sri Kandyan Bungalow

In this small peaceful hotel, they have a nice gift shop to buy Sri Lankan souvenirs to take back home. Other than that they can arrange hikes and trekking trips to Hanthana Hills if you inform them before booking. Mr. Lawrence is a very nice gentleman, who is always keen on guests and providing his full support. Since we had to depart very early to visit Pinnawala, he arranged a tuk-tuk for us in the morning. So all around it was a very nice stay for us, with the great hospitality and the peaceful environment.

You can contact them here or on Facebook for more inquiries.

Big thanks to Sri Kandyan Bungalow for hosting us. As always all opinions are my own.

PS; They have free wifi!

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