When  I was a little girl, I always wanted to explore everything. Being the only girl in the family and growing up in a hostel away from parents was a turning point in my life as a young girl.  when I finished schooling, all I wanted to do is explore the country much as I can! But everyone said that my country is not good enough for solo Female Travelers.

But, It was not that true! Female Travelers are always safe in Sri Lanka if you know how to be safe. Let me be clear, men are not that dangerous. I have traveled to Batticaloa a few years back all alone in a public transport. It was an amazing journey to myself after listening to everyone saying it is not safe!

Here are my tips!

Transportation in Sri Lanka

You can’t find taxis in Sri Lanka all the time. Especially when you travel outside the main cities. When I travel in Colombo I always try to find Uber or Pickme to ride in the night. Even when you travel in public transport, always try to talk to someone on the bus if you are feeling harassed on the bus. And also, if you are getting to a tuck ask for the price to your destination before getting to it. Some drivers without the meter in tuck may try to overcharge you.

Dress Code

Better to just cover up! I believe that is the best way of avoiding unfortunate circumstances while traveling in Sri Lanka.  Especially when entering a temple, you will have to cover up below knees and shoulders as well. To be honest, Sri Lanka is not full of psychopathic slaughterers. But some men may stare at you, you will feel very uncomfortable. Just avoid this uncomfortable male attention, make sure you dress well. Also, keeping a long scarf in your bag can be very helpful.

When not to be alone

Mainly after nightfall, try not be alone in roads. take it very seriously! If you wanna go and have a drink in a local bar, make sure you have a safe transportation to be back at the accommodation. always inform the hotel staff when you are leaving where will you be. Take their number to contact in case of emergency. If you feel being stared or followed by someone, just walk into a crowd. Try to meet other female travelers in the area to explore while building a friendship from another side of the world.

Don’t hesitate to ask help

If you feel that you need a help, just ask someone. Not every local may understand your language, but the younger generation in Sri Lanka can converse in English. Try to get along with locals, but don’t let them know that you are wandering alone if you don’t feel so.

Let’s be confident as solo female travelers

Be confident in anything that you do. As long as you do the right thing, you are always safe in my land. You can always meet a lot of solo female travelers across the island. Climb those mountains, take scenic train rides and don’t forget to relax by the golden beaches in Sri Lanka.

Happy Travels!

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